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With factories and partners located in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and India, we offer the most complete, one stop shop product line. From floor screws and bottom rail bolts to wheel nuts, stampings, rivets, castings, brass fittings and standard screws, we have what you need when you need it and all at quality, service and pricing that can’t be beat.

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The Most Popular Trailer, Transportation And Cold Forging(Headed) Fastener Manufacturer / Supplier You’ve Never Heard Of.

For over 30 years, LEONIDS has been manufacturing the highest quality stand and specialty fasteners by users around the world. Our broad product line and unparalleled service has made us the go-to supplier among top manufacturers worldwide. Our on-time delivery performance is top among our customers and our quality is the highest in the industry. And of course our prices make us the most cost effective supplier in the industry.

In global trade, we look forward to providing you with wider choices, more diverse solutions and more affordable prices.
In the age of long supply chains changing to short supply chains, we look forward to being your first choice for primary or backup vendor.

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